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fill up the seats and make more money.

No servers required

No disconnection or delay

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Last 5 Logs of Bots in Play:
Bot :: Last Update 5 sec ago.
Bot :: Last Update 2 sec ago.
Bot :: Last Update 5 sec ago.
Bot :: Ad Ts 9c 7d 7c, Hand: a Pair of AA +KQT, Board High: A, False
Bot :: River - Nobody raise, I Check.
Run Your Poker Site Nonstop
You've spent countless hours designing your poker site to perfection and when you get a visitor, the tables are empty. Sound familiar?

The bottom line is that players who log onto your site for the first time and find nobody to play against, are not likely to return. Bots are your simple solution to get the action quickly rolling at your ring tables and give players a reason to return to your site.
5 Rings *
Holdem / Omaha
1 Week
10 Rings *
Holdem / Omaha
1 Week
Holdem / Omaha
1 Week
1 Week
Holdem / Omaha
Unlimited Full Pack
Holdem & Omaha & Tournament
* Maximum rings that you can have bots running on it at the same time.
Mavens Bot, ...
Mavens Bot is a poker robot service designed to help you to run a poker site with full rings. It is a platform that assistances you to manage a large count of bots most easily. What it does, is managing the bots based on data you set and a smart AI that will do the rest. Using this service will allow you to waste less time on managing bots and take your time to develop your business.

You can use the following account to play with bots:
Username: mavensbot
Password: mavensbot
Available Game Types
Hold'em Limit Hold'em, PL Hold'em, CL Hold'em, NL Hold'em Order Now
Omaha Limit Omaha, PL Omaha, CL Omaha, NL Omaha, Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, PL Omaha Hi-Lo, CL Omaha Hi-Lo, NL Omaha Hi-Lo Order Now
Omaha5 Limit Omaha-5, PL Omaha-5, CL Omaha-5, NL Omaha-5, Limit Omaha-5 Hi-Lo, PL Omaha-5 Hi-Lo, CL Omaha-5 Hi-Lo, NL Omaha-5 Hi-Lo Order Now
Stud Limit Stud, Limit Stud Hi-Lo Soon
Razz Limit Razz Soon

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Why Mavens Bot ?
Mavens Bot is the first and only working service, that provides a bot management system for Poker Mavens. Our goal is, to create the easiest way to help you to manage your site bots. That's why we are trying to automate the tasks. For example, you can change the bots hand profile by their active ring name with one click, or you can run the whole ring just with one click.
Bots use a lot of resources (CPU and RAM) and you need to provide one or more servers to host your bots, but Mavens Bot will host your bots in the most powerful and secure servers. So the only thing you need to get your bots started is adding a new site with your lobby address from your dashboard panel.
MavensBot other features:

One click to start whole ring. Auto rebuy option. Set maximum rebuy. Bots can join ring waiting list. Schedule rings.
Sign-up now and get Holdem trial for 7 days.
Filled seats are what every poker site owner desires. It is what MavensBot brought to my team.
MavensBot simple and smooth interface makes it easy for everyone to use it.
It's great that you don't need any servers to get the bots running.

I am very happy that I finally found a service to run bots on Poker Mavens.
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