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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find frequently asked questions about MavensBot.
What's new?

## [1.0.0] - 2019-04-01
- MavensBot project started.

## [2.6.0] - 2020-09-22
### Added
- Start Recording changelog.
- Omaha5.
- Omaha5 preflop profile.
- Auto change seat option on rebuy.

## [2.6.1] - 2020-10-05
### Added
- Maximum buy-in added to bot edit.
- Change tournament game type.

## [2.6.2] - 2020-10-15
### Added
- Deactive bot in a ring.
- Change the hand profile of all bots in a ring.

## [] - 2020-10-23
### Changed
- Redesign ring detial.
- Redesign preflop profile examples.

## [2.6.3] - 2020-11-10
### Added
- Clean ring logs.
### Changed
- Show the card image instead of the symbol.
- Show board cards.

## [2.6.4] - 2020-11-18
### Added
- Live Mode and Control Mode
- Restart values in new hand.
- Add bulk bot.
### Fixed
- Preflop reraise issue.

## [2.6.4] - 2020-11-20
### Added
- Test account added to MavensBot Demo.
	Username: mavensbot
    Password: mavensbot
- Create clone of an existing bot.

## [2.6.5] - 2020-11-25
### Added
- Change account password.
- Change Timezone.
### Fixed
- Payment QR code possition on Chrome.

## [2.6.6] - 2020-11-28
### Added
- Add start and end time to ring schedule.
- Add ring schedule to interface.
- Ring schedule to ring list.

## [2.6.7] - 2020-11-30
### Added
- Maximum action delay.
- Specify inactive bots in the bots list.
### Fixed
- Ring schedule end time bug.

## [2.6.9] - 2020-12-12
### Added
- Link each page related help section.
- Day / Night Mode to setting.
- Link dashboard logs to ring Live Mode.

## [2.7.0] - 2021-01-04
### Added
- Menu to ring live mode.
- Set Buy-in chip (Min, Max, Amount)
- Show list of active rings in Live Mode.
### Fixed
- Join waiting list issue.

## [3.0.0] - 2022-07-20
### Added
- Support Poker Mavens 7
- Multi ring play
- Auto retrieve ring and tournament list
- Use default profiles, or create custom profiles
- Advanced Game Play (strategy) profile
- Bluffing and Bluff Rate
- Detect Flush Draw
- Detect Straight Draw
- Bathroom Break
- Muck or Show Hand
- Different actions for different bet size
- Bot list for each status
- Bots online time
- Active rings list with bot count
- Easy bot managing panel

## [3.0.1] - 2022-09-13
### Added
- Auto and manual Rebuy
- xBB Chip Rebuy

## [3.0.2] - 2022-10-29
### Added
- Remove multiple bots at once
- Bot managing panel: Confirm before action
- Bot managing panel: Search by Game Play profile
MavensBot v3 tutorials on YouTube.
First step, Setting up MavensBot ...
To get your Poker Mavens ready, You should config the following options:
1- Set "Same-origin policy" to "No" from the Poker Mavens setting.
2- Set "Allow duplicate IPs" to "Yes" from Poker Mavens rings setting.
3- Set "Require session keys" to "No" from the Poker Mavens setting. Contact for an alternative way if you cannot.
it's Done! Now, you can run bots on your poker site.
Recommended configuration
The following configs are recommended in Poker Mavens Setting:
Max sessions: 1000000
Max idle minutes: 480
Max disconnect minutes: 20
Allow duplicate PCs: Yes
KeepAlive connections: Yes
Connection sweep minutes: 0
Max FP connections: 0
Max FP connections per IP: 0
Max PP connections: 0
Max PP connections per IP: 0
How purchase bots for your lobby?
To activate bots on your poker site, Go to add lobby.
Choose your plan. Check the Tournament box to add a tournament to your account and click on the "Next Step".
Choose the payment method.
Submit your transaction id and date through the form. Your request will be processed within one business day.
The lobby URL is the direct address to your Poker Mavens server lobby. You need "File Port" that you can find in the Poker Mavens setting.

e.g. https://mavensbot.club:2087
How to create rings and tournaments?
The rings and tournaments list will be retrieved automatically, if you log in to the first bot. Any changes you make on the rings or tournaments will automatically update on the MavensBot server, if there is any bot signed in in to your lobby.
How to create bots?
Create a list of players (Accounts) in your Poker Mavens. Go to add bots. You can fill out the "Usernames" input with 1 to 20 bot usernames separated with ",".
All the accounts must have the same password. Write the password once.
Choose the profiles from default profiles or create "Custom Profiles".
How to create custom profiles?
Profiles determine how your bot will behave. There is 3 type of profiles you can create or use the defaults.
Delay Profile: Specifies the delay for each action.
Pre-Flop Profile: There is a different profile for each game type. You can use default profiles or create custom profiles to specify bots action in pre-flop.
GamePlay Profile: You can find all the settings for post-flop actions here.
How to manage bots?
Go to Manage Bot. You can see bots, rings, and tournaments listed on this page. Choose your command from the "Action" input.
Login & Seat-on: The selected bots will log in to lobby and seat-on on the specified ring. Picking this action shows the offline bots.
Login: The selected bots will log in to lobby. Picking this action shows the offline bots.
Logout: The selected bots will log out from the lobby. Picking this action shows the online bots.
Seat-on: The selected bots will seat-on on the specified ring. Picking this action shows the online bots.
Leave Seat: The selected bots will leave seat from the specified ring. Picking this action shows the online bots.
Tournament Register: The selected bots will register for the specified tournament. Picking this action shows the online bots.
Now select the bots and click on "Run Command"